The Drow Ranger is able to be quite a versatile fighter. She can provide constant support with her Frost Arrows to keep enemies pinned, Silence them so they can’t retaliate with spells once they’re forced to fight, and deal nice damage with her passive Trueshot Aura and Marksmanship abilities, which capitalize on and offer agility respectively. A good Archer will keep their distance, kiting an enemy in constant barrage, never letting them get dangerously close, and Traxex can achieve just that.

Traxex was a skilled archer in her oppressive underground homeland, the Underdark, until she grew sick of her kin’s evil ways and fled to the surface world. As a part of her resolution, she joined the Sentinel, bringing her excellent marksmanship to the fray. Some of her abilities include stripping magical beings of their voices, and enchanting her arrows with an icy cold. While such powers are valuable, her true origin will never cease to linger around in the judging eyes of others.


Frost Arrow
Induces a freezing effect to the hero’s attacks. Each attack slows the enemy’s movement rate.

Stops all enemies in a target area from casting spells.

Trueshot Aura
An aura that gives friendly nearby units bonus damage to their ranged attacks.

The Ranger’s accuracy has increased.


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