Historical Sites in Cebu City

1. Casa Gorordo Museum – In this museum are displayed 19th century paintings, relics, household items and furniture

2. Colon Street – This street is the oldest street in the Philippines and is named after Christopher Columbus

3. Fort San Pedro – This place is the nucleus for the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines and was founded by Legazpi in 1565. The fort was later used as barracks for American and Japanese occupiers.

4. Lapu-Lapu Monument – this is located in Mactan, Lapu Lapu City and it commemorates Lapu-Lapu’s victory. He is regarded as the first Filipino patriot against a foreign aggressor.

5. Magellan’s Cross – This marks the spot where the first Catholic mass and baptism in the Philippines took place.

6. Magellan Marker – Also located in Mactan, Lapu Lapu City, this was erected on the spot where the famous explorer died on April 27, 1521 at the hands of Chief Lapu Lapu.

7. President Sergio Osmeña Memorabilia – This contains the late president’s historic car, his personal belongings and mementos.

8. University of San Carlos – This is the oldest school in the Philippines which was established in 1565.

9. University of San Carlos Museum – This is an anthropological and biological museum which traces ties between Philippine society and other Asian cultures.

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